Here is the Cards you need

Nut Collector 5G, during your upkeep put a 1/1 squirrel token into play,thresshold: all squirrels get +2/+2 Odessey

Squirrel Nest 1GG, tap enchanted land: put a 1/1 squirrel token into play Odessey

Earthcraft 1G, tap an untaped creature you control: untap target basic land Tempest

Here is my combo

use squirrel nest to enchant one of your lands. then tap it for a squirrel token. tap the squirrel token using earthcraft's abillity to untap the land to make infinate squirrel token. Then use Nut Collector
and get thresshold and make them 3/3 squirrel tokens. Using four Nut Collector You can make Infinate 9/9 squirrel tokens. Use over-run and you can attack with a lot of 12/12 squrrels. The combo is hard to pull of by getting all of the Nut Collectors but with infinate squirrels that shouldn't be a problem. If you can you can throw in a bunch of couterspells and wait intell you get all the Nut collectors you need. Also if you have Coat of Arms you have a devastaing turn after you use
Nut Collector.

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