I just put three cards in a deck and while playing an opponent I realized it was a combo. I know what your wondering: What cards???

Card no. 1:

Name: Grave Pact
Card Color: Black
Mana cost: 3black 1colorless
Card Type: Enchantment
Effect: when ever a creature you control is put into any graveyard each other person sacrafices a creature

Card no. 2

Name: Braids, Cabal Minion
Color: Black
Mana cost: 2black, 2colorless
type: Creature - Minion Legend
Power: 2
Toughness: 2
Effect: During each players upkeep, that player must sacrifice a land, artifact or creature
abilities: None

card No. 3:

Name: Decaying Soil
Color: Black
Mana Cost: 2black 1colorless
Type: Enchantment
effect: During your upkeep, remove a card from the game
Threshold effect: Whenever a non token creature goes into your grave yard from play, you may pay 1. If you do, return that creature to your hand.

1)Have them all in play
2)At the begining of your upkeep, for braids, sacrafice a creature and bring it to your hand. They have to sacrafice a creature
3) On their turn, they have to sacrafice a land, creature or artifact

(PS once you get threshold, you keep it for the rest of the game)

Cool Huh??

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Scott wenzler