hello again my name is karl and i would like to share with you my
pygmy kavu/darkest hour combo but 1st for those of you who don't know
the cards lets have a look.

name:pygmy kavu
card type:creature
text: when pygmy kavu comes into play,draw a card for each
black creature your opponents control.
at 1st this card does not seem all that great and in order to get it
it to work u have to be playing a person who is playing black and
trust me i would not want to play with this card by it's self because
it's a waste of space by it's self and  chances are u will won't be able
to play it on a normal basis.
but now it's time for the card that can make pygmy kavu worth playing.
name: darkest hour
cc:  B
card type: enchantment
text: all  creatures are black.
now this card by it's self is the same as the pygmy kavu not that great
but when the two meet u have a mad card drawing tecnique.
by now your wondering but in order to use this combo u have to have
black and green aka ENEMY COLORS to u i say don't worry with the
addtion of the newest exspansion apocalypse it now makes it even ]
easier then before to play with enemy colors. included will be a rough
draft of a deck using this combo please keep in mind this deck is list
is not type 2 it's a fun deck for casual play with friends and famliy.
deck name: pygmy kavu's darkest hour


4x pygmy kavu (main card)
2x lanowar elf
2x lanowar dead
2x pouncing jaguar
3x spiritmonger
1x avatar of woe
2x elvish lyrist
2x uktabi orangutan
2x river boa
2x terror
2x yawgamoths agenda
2x giant growth
2x sinister strength
2x demonic toutor
4x rancor
3x consume strength
4x darkest hour

4x lanowar waste
7x swamps
7x forrest
1x maze of ith

and there u have the rough draft for the combo deck. i would like to thank
everyone who took the time to read this thanks u may e-mail me your qustions
or comments to babe_magnet_69@excite.com hate mail and the like can be sent
to yourmomma@yourhouse.com j/k but don't send me any hate mail if u
disagree with any of what please tell me in a nice and polite manner thanks.

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