Many times I have shown people one of my favorite multicolored cards and
they give me a glance as if to say "What are you nuts." , but they do not
understand that this seemingly weak card is a sleeping dragon waiting to be
awakened by one who can release his true power. That's right, I'm talking
about Urza's Guilt, a rare, multicolored, sorcery from the Planeshift set
that costs 2UB. Urza's Guilt states that each player draws 2 cards then
discards 3 cards from their hand and each player loses 4 life.  By now your
thinking " What's so great about it. It effects me to." Remember when I
talked about the one who can release the dragons power, well I wasn't
talking about me. I was talking about a card. To be specific, Megrim. A 7th
edition common enchantment that costs 2B and says whenever an opponent
discards a card that player loses 2 life. If you still don't get it let me
show you how it works. With Megrim out in play Urza's Guilt will deal 10
damage to all your opponents and only 4 damage to you. The more Megrims in
play, more damage you can do while still doing only 4 damage to yourself.
Great for multiplayer or one on one. Just watch out for the obvious like
Disenchant or Counterspell.

Happy Conquering
Chris Madachik