This time it's Raging Goblin,it's a 1/1(power/toughness)
card that takes just one M(mountain,fire mana)mana,Ok your thinking by the
time he's tapped your opponent will probably send him straight to the grave,
but lets check the text"Haste(this creature may attack and tap the turn it
comes under your control.) which means "Ok then I can deal one damage then he's
probably dead"Wrong,if you combo it with Giant Growth(6th,7th edition,it doesn't matter)
This Instant reads"Target creature gets +3/+3 until end of turn."
Which means Raging Goblin will deal 4 damage to your opponent or a creature.
(I forgot to mention Giant Growth's mana cost is one green mana)
Well that's it,keep watching for more!

      Thanks for reading,
      Phillip "Slash" Gianakas

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