I don't think that that would be an optimum combo with intruder alarm.  I use
to run a
deck with

4   Intruder Alarm
4   Counterspell
4   Dissipate
4   Manaleak
4   Prodigal Sorcerer
4   Suq'ata Firewalker
4   Rootwater Hunter
4   Man O War
4   Shrieking Drake
2   Ray of Command
22 Islands

The combination of Shrieking Drake, Intruder Alarm, and Tims.  The most
damage that I was able to deal in one turn was 32 points. 

For those who can''t see the combo: Have a Tim in play with Intruder Alarm
also in play, cast Shrieking Drake, untap all Tims, and return Drake to hand.
 Rinse well, and repeat.

Shaun Fischer