Penumbra Wurm
Creature - Wurm
When Penumbra Wurm is put into a graveyard from play,
put a 6/6 black Wurm creature token with trample into

This is the big dude that just WON'T STAY DOWN.
Regeneration? I spit at thee. Penumbra Wurm is the
biggest in a whole line of Penumbra creatures in the
Apocalpyse set - the 2/1 Penumbra Bobcat and the 3/3
Penumbra Kavu making up the rest - and this is likely
where you'll get the most bang for your buck. 7 mana
for a 6/6 with trample is...okay. But essentially,
you're getting two. That's about....4.5 mana for a

Playing an opponent loaded with kill spells? Ride the
Wurm. It'll survive those and keep coming back. 2
Wurms in play means that your opponent has to deal
with 2 6/6s at once, and chances are he won't be able
to kill them all with 4 kill spells. Another blockade
against kill spells the Wurm offers is that whole
being black thing. Know all those "target nonblack
creature" phrases on most black kill spells? Yeah.
Can't touch the Wurm's alter ego. The Wurm even
survives mass destruction spells like Wrath of God, to
a degree where a green/white player would be
encouraged to cast it. Picture your opponent's 17
Rebels and your Wurm on a battlefield. Wrath it. All
Rebels die. Wurm dies. You get a 6/6 Wurm. Suddenly,
your opponent's defenseless, and hey, you have a 6/6
ready and waiting to eat things. Anyone'd love those

Sure, the Wurm may be tough to get out quick for 7
mana, but you're playing GREEN. A Wurm by turn 4 or 5
wouldn't be unnatural with Birds of Paradise/Elves.
Try it out. You'll be pleased.

As always, feel free to email me if you have a
question or hatemail. Be derned if I respond quick,
though. =D


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