once again heres a SCS,this time on Dakmor Lancer,(7th edition)
This card has a well somewhat horrible cost of 4UBB(four colorless two black mana)
Ok now your thinking "This card probably sucks" especially since it has a 3/3 power and toughness.
But now lets observe the card to see the plus part"When Dakmor Lancer comes
into play,destroy target nonblack creature."Yes that's the good part,
But even if you don't use Dakmor Lancer to attack and he ends up in the graveyard
You can use Gravedigger(7th edition)which reads"When Gravedigger comes
into play,you may return target creature card from your graveyard to your hand"
So that means you can regenerate Dakmor Lancer for free then destroy another
creature by putting him into play.
          Thanks for reading,
          Phillip "Slash" Gianakas

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