This time the card is a common sorcery from the 7th edition,
Corrupt,If you are in a jam,and have plenty of swamps in play
this card will demolish the player or a mean creature.
The text reads"Corrupt deals damage equal to the number
of swamps you control to target creature or player.You
gain life equal to the damage dealt this way."Oh,by the way
the mana cost is 5UB,(five colorless and one black mana)
It's a bit pricey but it's well worth it.
Another good thing is say you have 20 swamps in play,there goes the player
(depending on how much life they have)and if they have mean creatures(Serra Angel anyone?)
they will be wishing you didn't play Corrupt.
Well that's about it for this simply amazing card,
       Thanks for reading,
      Phillip "Slash" Gianakas

<br><br><br>"Slash" The Echidna

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