Abu Ja 'Far is a little white weenie that can be very useful.  It costs one white mana and is a 0/1 lepper from the Arabbian Nights expansion.  The thing that makes this a good card is it's abillity.  It reads:  If Abu Ja 'Far is put into the graveyard from play during combat, bury all creatures blocking or blocked by Abu Ja 'Far.  Alone it isn't bad but if you use some other cards with it it can become a killer.  For instance you can you can combine it with Blinding Angel and Lure.  First you must attack with Blinding Angel so your opponent can't attack and play Lure on Abu Ja 'Far so all of his creatures have to block Abu Ja 'Far.  On your next turn simply attack with Abu Ja 'Far and everything else you have.  What this does is creates a one sided Wrath of God for the price of a little 0/1 pest.  Just alone it can hold off another player's offense until you can cast something that will end the game.  For some reason I don't think Abu Ja 'Far is very popular.  It has the power to kill creatures of any size and it's cost is anything but unbearable.  So why is it still not very popular?  The reason is it lacks an end game punch to it.  People usually like great big fatties that are fairly cheap for their size without even giving a thought about the little guys (with the exception of rebles, mana producers, etc).  That is mostly why this guy has been left in the dust.  Another little trick you can play with it is with Entangler.  Just enchant A.J.F with it and it can block any amount of creatures.  This card is a very useful defender but it has it's drawbacks.  It can be taken out by burn or Massacre or even a card like Razorfin Hunter.  Although having it's drawbacks Abu Ja 'Far is nothing to scoff at.

                                              Mike Billgren

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