Anybody ever think about how much life they can gain
with an Honorable Scout?  How about how many cards
they can draw with a Pygmy Kavu?
Combo #1:  Opponent has 4 creatures.  Play Sway of
Illusion. (Any number of target creatures become the
color of your choice until the end of turn. Draw a
card 1B)(U) Choose that all of the opponent's
creatures are red or black.  Play Honorable Scout.
Boom! You just gained 8 life.  Do this with Pygmy Kavu
and change the creatures to blue or black then Wham!
You just drew 4 cards +1 from Sway of Illusion.
Ultimate Combo:  Opponent has 4 creatures.  Play Sway
of Illusion.  Change creatures to black.  Play Pygmy
Kavu and Honorable Scout.  8 life and 4 cards + 1 card
from Sway of Illusion.  Play a gating creature to
return them. Boom!  Repeat the process.  These combos
work even better with a shifting sky!