Here's a real cool deck that just abuses Dark
Suspicion's great ability.
Blue/Black Deck

4 Withdraw
4 Rushing River
2 Wash Out
1 Shifting Sky
2 Exclude
4 Foil
1 Blizzard Elemental
1 Shrouded Serpent
3 Dark Banishing
1 Dark Suspicions
4 Rhystic Syphon
1 Avatar of Woe
1 Plague Wind
2 Doomsday Specter
16 Island
13 Swamp
What you do with this deck is you simply keep
returning things to the opponent's hand.  You have
enough counterspells to keep the opponent at bay until
you get out the Dark Suspicions.  After that, use
Rushing River's kicker.  Of Course the opponent will
get out some spells but anything that would make you
lose life, you will gain again by using the Rhystic
Syphon.  Your creatures are pretty powerful so don't
put them out there until you REALLY need them.  The
Doomsday Specter is ok though because they are there
to prevent the opponent from playing anything that
could seriously mess you up.  Obviously use the
Shifting Sky/Wash Out combo to bring permanents to the
opponent's hand.  Notice how most of your spells are
instants or sorceries.  Thus the Wash Out won't have
that much of an effect on you.  The only real weak
spot is direct damage and more counterspells.  If you
can act quickly the game is yours guaranteed or your
money back.(tee hee) Enjoy.

P.S. If you win with this deck give me a buzz at

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