Hello my fellow magic players, my name is Dan. Today
I'd like to talk about the under rated Cradle Guard,
lets have a look:
Cradle Guard
Echo, Trample


     I'll admit, at first glance to me it looked
horrible because of the echo of three mana. Yes on its
own it is a bad card but with the help of the little
elf of llanowar and some forests, its ok, let me
     Now if you're playing green with normal amounts
of land this card will suit you fine, First turn you
should usually cast Llanowar Elves, Next turn play a
forest, and Walla!!!!! you cast a 4/4 trample second
turn and strike fear into the hearts of your
opposition. Its not over yet, third turn pay the echo
and if your lucky enough, play another land and cast
giant growth, Hmmmmmmm a 4/4 with trample and a Giant
Growth is a recipe for trouble. Its now a 7/7 almost
guaranteed to trample over anything it incounters on
the way to damaging the other player. In your eyes
this card might be horrible but but in my eyes, this
is a great card that I'd use anyday in my deck. If you
disagree I'll be honored to play you and show you what
a threat it is. Thanks for listening, peace out.


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