A little while ago I discovered a card that could render many decks helpless.  It is called Meekstone.  It is an artifact that costs one mana and doesn't let creatures with power greater than two untap.  This card is good with other cards as well.  You can use Glacial Walls, Serra Angels, Twiddles, and creatures with power less than two to your advantage.  Just think of playing a fires deck with Meekstone.  You can stop creature threats with Glacial Walls and drain your opponent's life with Serra Angel.  You can also use Twiddle to tap a big creature you want out of the way.  You might want to use a Plague Spitter to clear away all of your opponent's small creatures away.  You could probably make a decent deck with this card. 
Although Meekstone can have both you and your opponent pulling your hair out you can be a step ahead of him.  Well I hope I have given some ideas to you.  Until next time see ya.


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