Penumbra Wurm 5GG
Creature - Wurm
When Penumbra Wurm is put into a graveyard from play, put a 6/6 black
Wurm creature token with trample into play.
Penumbra Kavu 4G
Creature - Kavu
When Penumbra Kavu is put into a graveyard from play, put a 3/3 black
Kavu creature token into play.
Penumbra Bobcat 2G
Creature - Bobcat
When Penumbra Bobcat is put into a graveyard from play, put a 2/1 black
Bobcat creature token into play.
We all know that Penumbra Wurm and the other 2 has the one of the
coolest effects by coming back into play after it gets destroyed and it
becomes black so if your opponent is playing black removal they can only
destroy him once, but if you combine him with some destruction cards it
can be real fun.  We all know that using rout or wrath of god will leave
him as the only one in play sure that would be awesome, but these 2
combos will really want your opponent to just throw down his cards and
quit.  Here it is:
Penumbra bobcat, kavu, and/or wurm + Obliterate (invasion)
Obliterate destroys everything except enchantments so all that's left in
play is the Penumbra's and your opponent cant do anything about it.
Also unlike Rout or Wrath of God it destroys lands so your opponent cant
just cast a beefy creature the next turn.
Penumbra family + Sneak Attack (saga)
When you use Sneak Attack you can cast wither a 2/1 haste, 3/3 haste, or
a 6/6 trampler with haste for just one mana (Mountain).  the only
difference is it turns black after their first turn being out