Elvish Piper
Creature - Elf
G, Tap: Put a creature card from your hand into play.

I love this card. It owns me.
As soon as many people see this card on the board, and
they realize the potential, they think, "....I've got
to kill that thing." An Elvish Piper on the board can
lead to ANYTHING - my personal favorite, Reya
Dawnbringer, Crosis, Serra Avatar, Avatar of Woe,
Thorn Elemental, ANYTHING - all on 5th turn. Mana is
no longer a necessity. In the right deck with 4
Pipers, you can splash virtually ANY creature in a
green/white deck with this. Like Tidal Krakens? Slide
in one.
Why green/white, you ask? Because Pipers go best with
this card -

Eladamri's Call
Search your deck for a creature card, then put it in
your hand. Shuffle your library.

With this, if you have a Piper out, you now have the
ability to get out whatever you want that you've got
in your deck to throw out, whenever the heck you want.

Another plus about the Piper's ability is...well, it's
an ability. With an untapped forest or elf, and the
Piper untapped, you can play a creature at instant
speed, meaning you can get an instant blocker.

Him: ::taps Raging Goblin:: Attack you for 1.
Me: ::taps Piper and a Forest:: Bring out
Spiritmonger, block with it.
Him: Middle finger.

Combos are endless, and an untrained opponent will be
wondering just how many creatures you've got in your

Granted, as stated before, the Piper is REALLY
vulnerable as a 1/1 to kill spells and
burn...Inviolability helps out against the burn, and
Alexi's Cloak helps against both, if you have the
blue. A well-timed Fleetfoot Panther can save your
Piper, as well.

Here's my deck that's worked relatively well with the

Rowdy Elvish Piper (66 cards)

3 Armadillo Cloak
2 Heroes' Reunion
4 Llanowar Elves
2 Fleetfoot Panther
4 Elvish Piper
2 Penumbra Wurm
2 Avatar of Woe
4 Inviolability
1 Gerrard Capashen
4 Eladamri's Call
2 Thorn Elemental
2 Reya Dawnbringer
3 Noble Panther
4 Tigereye Cameo

4 Elfhame Palace
10 Plains
13 Forest

Hope it works as well for you as it does for me!


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