This time I am writing on the card Panther Warriors(from the 6th edition)well first lets look at the card. Ok it has a mana cost of 4UG(four colorless and one green) and it has a decent 6/3(power and toughness) for the fair mana cost,I would tell you the text but it doesn't have anything except the flavor text which reads"The dogs of war are nothing compared to the cats."it sounds quite promising which it is.

This card combos well with 2 cards,Fit of Rage,and Giant Growth. Lets look at Fit of Rage(6th edition) first,Its mana cost is UR(colorless and red mana)and is a sorcery card which reads"Target creature gets +3/+3 and gains first strike until the end of turn."which would make Panther Warriors a 9/6 card! Plus with first strike you can take care of just about any creature your opponent has.

Now for Giant Growth(6th edition), it is a cheap mana cost of one G(green mana) and reads"Target creature gains +3/+3 until end of turn." which basically does the same thing as Fit of Rage except without first strike.

That all I have this time, I added all of them notes for the newbies so they will understand,I would like to thank Pojo for posting this and my first SCS(It was Hidden Horror)and also for taking their time to read this and all other messages they get.

Thanks for taking your time to read this,


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