With extensive playtesting, i have found that 1 card
is capable of beating a U/W Millstone deck without
flaw.  The only catch is that the Control deck cannot
have creatures normally.  The card is legacy weapon.
Its reads:
Card Name:      Legacy Weapon   
Card Color:     A       
Mana Cost:      7       
Type & Class:   Legendary Artifact      
Card Text:      [W][U][B][R][G]: Remove target permanent
from the
                game.If Legacy Weapon would be put into a graveyard
                from anywhere, reveal Legacy Weapon and shuffle it
            into its owner's library instead.

Just looking at this card, it might not seem like
anything too special.  But against U/W control, it can
be the most deadly thing out there.  I know it sounds
wierd, but if you think about it, it works.  The
strategy is, you never play it out of your hand, and
if they mill it away, it stays in your deck.  You
never play anything the whole game, and you will
eventually deck them.  Blue white control can be
seriously damaged by this card.  You only need to run
1 of them in your sideboard.  Well, thats about it.
Just think about it.  If you have any questions or
comments about my article, please e-mail me at
well, until next time

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