Unnatural Selection
1: Choose a creature type other than Wall. Target
creature's type becomes that type until end of turn.
At first glance, some unseasoned players - such as I -
may look at this card and wonder "What? No shiny
things? Just a change of type? Junk rare. ::opens
another booster pack::"


But wait.
Unnatural Selection has *so* many uses, it's not even
funny. For starters, it's got a lesser-known use -
changing creatures to Legends. If your opponent has,
say, 2 or 3 Avatars of Fury out, then changing them
all to Legends, under the Legend rule, would cause all
but one to be killed off. For 2 colorless, that's not
bad at all. A bit situational, you say? Let's continue
with the combos.
Empress Galina
Creature - Legend
UU, Tap: Gain control of target Legend or legendary
Oh, man. Once you actually get her and Selection out,
just make a creature a Legend, use Galina and you've
got a Control Magic for 1UU working every single turn.
Now that's power. And a 1/3 isn't bad, especially
since with a combo like this, you'd expect a 1/1.
Selection can help you with others, too, like
Shoreline Raider (a 2/2 Merfolk with protection from
Kavu for 2U) and Coastal Drake (a 2/1 flier for 2U
that can return a Kavu to hand for 1U). Here's a
sample deck I threw together and will playtest soon...
3 Tidal Visionary
3 Fact or Fiction
4 Accumulated Knowledge
4 Empress Galina
3 Coastal Drake
3 Thwart
3 Foil
4 Counterspell
4 Unnatural Selection
3 Shoreline Raider
4 Saprazzan Skerry
22 Island
This's very rough, but it could work!

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