I thought I'd take a look at what my friends call "The worst card ever
printed." I play a lot casually with them, and in rebuff, I decided to break
it and beat them with it. I threw together a deck (in fact, this was when I
was a beginner, it was the first deck I had ever built) that used 4 Rabid
Wombats my friends had discarded as trash along with my favorite enchantment
(ancestral mask) in a Green/Red enchantment deck that did pretty well, minus
many losses for my lack of experience. Now, for those who do not know the joy
of Rabid Wombat, here he is:

Rabid Wombat                         2GG
0/1 Summon Wombat
Attacking does not cause Rabid Wombat to tap.
Rabid Wombat gets +2/+2 for each creature enchantment on it.

now, imagine a mask (+2/+2 for every other enchantment in play) and a giant
strength (+2/+2), hes now an 8/9 non tapping creature. I love giant strengths
and any 1cc enchantments, I threw in any I could find. If I spent more time,
I could make a good deck list...

Anyways, as I'm sure you all know, there is one other reason Rabid Wombat is
the best... In the picture, hes shoving his face full of food, just like me!