The Wretched: Shifting Loyalty
                          by Hannes
Here's a 5th Edition card that, if used with the right combo, can be very powerful. The Wretched reads: "At end of combat gain control of all creatures blocking The Wretched as long as you control The Wretched", so what did I do with this card? Enchant it with a Lure and Regeneration, and your opponent's creatures will be powerless to resist the temptation of joining your army. I know this card is very hard to find, I even traded away my Force of Nature (fortunately it wasn't Beta) to get it, but no regrets, there is nothing more fun than killing an opponent with his own pumped up 12/12 sengir vampire.
But this is why I prefer the old editions (everything up to US) because you had to search for strategies and combos, but now the cards are much more stand alone, I mean look at the winds, where's the hard-thought strategy in destroying all your opponents creatures and the you can simply attack and kill everyone in one turn. But hey, this is just personal preference, I prefer replacing Thicket Basilisk with The Wretched in the above combo for my own little Plague Wind, hehehe.