Most people don't think much of that little Planeshift uncommon
Shifting Sky

Shifting Sky           2U
Enchantment         PS
As Shifting Sky comes into play,
choose a color.

All nonland permanents are the
chosen color.

Master the sky and you rule everything
beneath it.                      -Metathran saying

        In actuality although it may seem scrubish to seasoned players it
can completely change the outcome of a game if it is used with the right
cards.  Now onto some of these cards that it can be used with.
        One such card is Washout (Hibernation is also a possiblity).  
playing washout with a shifting sky in play can save a seemingly hopeless
situation such as a fires deck with 3-4 monster 5/5's on the board looking to
kill you next turn.  I've never actually seen shifting sky work in this next
situation but i know it can.  Picture you playing your shifting sky deck and
your opponent is playing control black, snuff o derm, or anything else with
black targeted removal.  I assume you've noticed that almost every black
targeted removal spell has that little nonblack creature phrase.  Well
suppose you play shifting sky naming black.  This makes every creature you
control untargetable by most of their targeted removal.  Another slightly
less powerful use is if you have a pro whatever creature in play you can cast
shifting sky naming that color and boom youve got an unblobkable creature on
the board.  This can also be used in the reverse style.  If your opponent has
say a yavimaya barbarian on the board and ur play mono blue you can play
shifting sky naming something else and now you dont have to suffer the shame
of being beat by a lone yavimaya barbarian hitting for 2 a turn.  So as you
can see although shifting sky is generally considered janky it does have some
interesting implications in the right deck.  Heck some of the pros even used
it at regionals this year some people playing U/W Control sb a weird combo
that sadly is now unuseable, Light of Day/Shifting Sky.  Shifting Sky is one
of those cards that i don't think will ever run out of quirky little uses, so
when you have some free time just pull out some cards start lookin through em
and come up with your own uses for Shifting Sky and other so called
unplayable cards, and if you think youve found a good one why not send an
article on it into Pojo.  So till the next time i feel like sitting down and
pouring my thoughts onto a shiny box that pumps radiation into my eyes while
giving me the latest magic updates, Happy Playing.
                 -Addicted to Magic in Ohio a.k.a. A.J.