I am writing this for the card Hidden Horror
it doesnt seem to be that great because of the"When Hidden Horror comes into play,choose and discard a creature from
your hand. If you dont sacrifice Hidden Horror" part,but its mana cost is
is only only U/BB,And his power and toughness as 4/4 is not bad for the mana price.

Correct me if I'm wrong but even if your somehow short of one B mana,you
can combo it with something that will take care of 2 problems

1.your lack of B mana

2.your sacrificing fee

You guessed it,Blood Pet,because odds are you're not gonna need him with
its 1/1 power and toughness,yes the mana cost is cheap for Blood Pet,but
he's gonna die anyways right?

Well I know its not too much but I wanted this card to get some attention.

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