From: Sean McGill []
Sent: Wednesday, December 26, 2001 1:27 PM

Subject: Vampiric Dragon- The Guru
Hello! This is my first post on pojo's Magic site. Remember back a few weeks, when pojo's staffers rated Vampiric Dragon? Thats when I thought of my combo. Although I do agree with them on the issue of it being overpriced, what if it only cost 3B? I've found a way to do this. Zombify. If you discard V.Dragon from your hand to pay for, say, Junk Golem's power, then Zombify, BANG! a 5/5 w/flying, shooting, and that oh-so-cool +1/+1 counter ability, and only for 3B. Wow. But, then you face a major problem. Terminate. Well, anther oddysey card can fix that. Aboshan's Desire. (the threshold power, of course) BTW, Kahmal's Desire also goes great with V. Dragon, too. (just play it before Aboshan's Desire) Invasion Dragons, beware, because V. Dragon (with Kahmal's Desire) can shoot you, then finish you off before you can even touch it. MWAHAHAHAHA! He's not a Legend either. MWAHAHAHA *cough cough cough*

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