Sent: Monday, January 07, 2002 12:04 PM
Subject: Q's favorite combo
This combo has caused may people to just give up and walk away......first of all, I need to give it up to my good friend Bear, he and i created this one. check it....

i forgot which sets these two are from, but here i go::

first card...TRAMATIZE
color:: Blue
cost:: 3uu
type:: Sorcery

Target player puts the top half of his or her library, rounded down, into his or her graveyard.

thats just wrong in its part two....

second card:: Haunting Echos
color:: Black
cost:: 3bb
type:: Sorcery

Remove all cards in target players graveyard other than basic land cards from game. Search players library for all cards with the same name as cards removed this way and remove them from game. Then that player shuffles his or her library.

so basicly, get rid of 75% of your deck and get ready for a brutal assult from my leagons of Legends,Sepents and Zombies

this nice little combo came out of my "knock you on your face deck"
hope you all enjoy this one!!