From: Alex Allenchey []
Sent: Friday, December 14, 2001 8:44 PM 

Subject: Dueling Grounds
Just here to talk about Dueling Grounds.
One creature may attack each turn. One may block it.
Aha! But what about creatures who can't be blocked by just one creature alone? Say...Phyrexian Colossus. An 8/8 artifact creature, that can onlybe blocked by 3 or more creatures, but it doesn't untap during your upkeep. But I have answers to this problem as well.
Try say, Armadillo Cloak. The pumping, trampling, G/W creature enchantment, that gains you life equal to the creature's power whenever it deals damage. That way paying the life to untap it isn't a problem.
OR....Reprinted exclusively just for this occasion, Seeker of Skybreak! Untap the colossus for free! Woo hoo!
 Ahhhh untaping an 8/8 and attacking unblocked. That's the life for me. Not untill the 7th turn you say? Well albeit the mana accelerators in green, birds and elves, you could use elvish piper. Gets big beatsticks out as fast as you can say, well, big beatsticks.
 Pretty cool eh? Put some wild mongrels, birds and elves, mystic enforcer, other good stuff and you've go yourself a deck. Have fun and happy holidays/magic games.
-Alex W. Allenchey