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Shifting Sky
by Phraseland

Hey I read your guy's review on single cards and thought that the comment
that was added on shifting sky could use some additions. Shifting sky is not
only good to optimize the color specific creatures or effects (such as the
djinns or sorceries such as Wash out) but once out lets you control the game
from another point of view. So let's take U/B for example. Creatures that
come to mind are the Djinns (U and B) but also cards from Mercadian Masks
such as the Chameleon Spirit can make up for a  nice surprise. With all
non-land permanents being green, guess what color I am going to chose (this
gets especially fun when playing casual multiplayer - here is my 22/22
attacking you!!). Nice additions would be Vodalian Zombie (protection from
green). This is just scratching the surface, but these are the creature
combinations I found to be the most efficient for this type of deck.

As for the spells I am using the combo Wash Out / Sway of Illusion. I forgot
to mention the Metathran Transport that can also help you to keep your army
on the board should the other combo not be available. As for removal I
included Terror (hey, no more black creatures!!) and of course perish (bye,
bye green - I just hope it does not get rotated out of 7th Edition). The
sleepers robe I am adding for direct damage and card drawing.

So what would a deck list look like? I guess something like this (not
playtested yet)

Creatures (18)

Metathran Transport x2
Nightscape Familiar x4 (to make the blue spells cheaper)
Vodalian Zombie x4
Chameleon Spirit x3
Zanam Djinn x3
Goham Djinn x2

Spells (20)

Sleepers Robe x3
Sway of Illusion x4
Wash Out x4
Terror x4
Shifting Sky x4
Perish x1

And then the according land. What do you think. This might not kick any ass
at all, but as I said, I just put this together in my head. I think there is
quite some potential on how to abuse this card but maybe not in every type.

Yours sincerely