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Minion of Leshrac
by Prodigy

This is a combo I came up with while just strolling through my cards on day
and looked a this seemingly useless card:

Minion of Leshrac

Summon Demon
Protection from black
During you unkeep, sacrifice a creature or Minion of Leshrac deals 5 damage
to you. If Minion of Leshrac deals damage to you in this way, tap it. You
cannot tap Minion of Leshrac to itself.
T: Destroy target creature or land.

Ice Age, RARE

At first I look at it and think,"What could I do with this crap...?" And toss
it back into the pile. I then come up across this card:


Gain control of target creature with converted mana cost X or less.


I glance back down at the Minion and do a double-take. I thought," Why not
use this for some creature removal?" You could gain control of your
opponent's creatures while sacrificing them to Minion of Leshrac each unkeep.
Then, use recall to bring it back up again and repeat. If the Minion was to
be destroyed, use something such as Tortured Existence to pull it up back
into my hand. I have also come up with an OK deck to use in a casual game
with my friends.

Deafening Silence

4 Minion of Leshrac (MVP)
4 Brine Shaman
4 Blood Pet
3 Bog Witch
3 Clone

4 Tortured Existence
4 Recall
4 Counterspell
4 Dark Ritual
4 Dominate (MVP's manager)

4 Salt Marsh
9 Island
9 Swamp

Using the Minion and Dominate is what keeps this deck going. You might want
to hide the Minion behing a wall of Counterspells to keep him alive. For
back-up, Use Tortured Existence or Recall to have some insurance. Using
Dominate, gain control of the opponent's creatures and feed them to the
Minion to avoid 5 damage each unkeep. Minion of Leshrac can also keep with
the creature-destruction theme.
  Using Bog Witches, Blood Pets, and Dark Rituals can keep from having to
waste most of your mana on the Minion. Brine Shaman can sacrifice the
opponents creatures ( that are now yours, due to Dominate) or pump up the
Minion. As for Clone, you can copy one of your opponents best creatues, but
only for a back-up, if the Minion/Dominate combo wont show up.
  That should be it for today from me. I'm out like Rebels after a Kris Mage
(don't take that seriously).


(P.S. Please excuse me if I sound like a scrub.)