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Fleetfoot Panther
by Dwight Farias-Rios

To whom it may concern:

Fleetwood Panther 1GW

The Fleetfoot panther may be one of the most interesting cards created. For
most Magic players, the bouncing back of creatures to one's hand is a
drawback. If you take a deeper look, the Fleetfoot panther is excellent for
key combos.  If you combine the Fleetfoot panther with Quirion Dryad,
Titania's Chosen, & Soul Warden, your talking about a very interesting
situation. You play Fleetfoot panther to bounce him back to your hand, so you
may gain life and make your creature bigger. Now if you could keep playing
the panther over and over agian........Aluren!!!!!! You have the ability to
gain 1 million life in an instant and beef up your creatures for 1 million

The deck is call Matrix:

Creatures: 20                        Spells:  19                   Lands: 21

4 - Soul Warden                    4 - Aluren                   10 - Forest
4 - Quirion Dryad                  4 - Rancor                   7 - Plains
4 - Titania's Chosen               3 - Sterling Grove        4 - Rith's  Grove
2 - Charging Trolls                 3 - Hurricane
4 - Fleetfoot Panther              4 - Disenchant
2 - Horned Kavu                   1 - Eldamari's Call

" The copper top is the chosen One"

By Dwight Farias-Rios