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Tidal Visionary
by Chris
An idea from a deck I threw together in 5 minutes.  It still can be improved...       
Tidal Visionary
Creature - Wizard
Tap: Target creature becomes the color of your choice until end of turn.
I found it interesting that with gating being so color dependent, no one is playing color manipulation.  This card can screw up gating.  An opponent has a cheap red creature out on turn one, hoping to gate it on turn 2.  As the card comes into play, change the color of the other card.
You:  Island, Tidal Visionary
Them:  Mountain, Raging Goblin
You: Island, Whatever
Them:  Forest, Horned Kavu
You:  "as Horned Kavu comes into play, Goblin is a blue creature."
End result:  Horned Kavu goes back to the hand, and the mana is wasted.
This card also combos well with others. Phyrexian Bloodstock is a 3/3 for 4B that destroys a white creature as it leaves play.  Using Tidal Visionary, you can make all your opponent's creatures white.  You just need to get the Bloodstock out of play.  I use Waterfront Bouncers, Unsummons, Boomerangs, Repulses, and Nightscape Apprentices remove it.
And, with Llanowar Knight running amuck, no problem.  Just make the Bloodstock any color but black.