Dark Suspicions
by Justin

For all those non-control black/red players (non-spooky, i hate playing discard) out there 'Dark Suspicions' could be your calling.  Being a 2BB casting cost it is a mid-range enchantment  that can be used, I think, to great effect.  Card Text: 'At the beginning of each opponent's upkeep, that player loses 1 life for each card in his or her hand more than you have in your hand'.

When I play magic, I like to play magic, not to sit around being millstoned to death (which actually happened the other day in a local tournament) because all my creatures were stuck/stopped/otherwise being deprived of my opponent's blood.  I was able to get around the control (Orim's Chant, Story Circle) using Pestilence and Thrashing Wumpus (on that point, Thrashing Wumpus with a Spirit Link on it and with a Lashknife Barrier out is awesome to see) but this is still pretty.  Actually, most of my games in that tournament were against control/lock decks.  In that tournament I also got Smouldering Tar'd to death, 1 point a turn since Joulkaloups/Obliterate continually cleared the board.
Now, I can concentrate on speed (emptying my hand onto the battlefield) with very big benefits.  Imagine what a accumulated knowledge / fact or fiction deck would be stuck with now, taking say 4-5 damage a turn because you've got most of what you want on the table.  I can't wait to play it, though will continue to need to keep your land count only to what you need so as not to be geddoned etc.
Also useful for spooky as you will think twice about taking my card from me cause it'll cost you more each turn.  Strategy, get in fast for early kill and get out the dark suspicions and hang tight for a win in 8-10 turns.