Armadillo Cloak
by Robert Moran

One of the greatest magic cards for type two at the moment is Armadillo Cloak. Not only is this card good for your creatures but lets say they have a 10/10 creature. You put Armadillo Cloak on it and you won't take damage because the card says "Whenever enchanted creature deals damage, you gain that much life" Now this card is a double player! It can stop other creatures and pump up your guys!

Now if you want to really use a Armadillo Cloak put it on a Serra Avatar! Think about it, Evertime Serra Avater attacks you gain 22 Life and then Serra Avatar is a 44/44 Creature and if you have four on a Serra Avatar you gain 112 life and Serra Avatar becomes a 140/140 Creature. Now I'm no Expert but I havn't lost with this sort of deck for a long time, you need to throw in a few protection card just so you don't get hit with a Deadly Black card like Terror or a Blue Counter Spell. Too Bad Serra Avatar isn't Type two any more or I might have gone to a big finals tournament ;)