Shifting Sky

    While shifiting through Planeshift's card selection, looking for some
inspiration for a good G/W/U deck, I came across a most interesting card,
Shifting Sky. This blue enchantment, with it's ability to change all non-land
permanents into one color of choice, could, with careful planning, be quite
useful. With all the multi-colored decks being played now, it's very hard to
use cards that benefit from the number of certain colored permanents. This
enchantment can very well illiminate that problem all together.

    Here are a few cards that could benefit from Shifting Sky: Honorable
Scout (good life gain for only one W), Story Circle (prevent damage from any
of your opponent's creatures), Samite Elder (all your creatures gain
protection from all of your opponent's creatures), any of the Invasion Dragon
Legends (maximize the dragon's ability), and Wash Out (ALL permanents except
lands are bounced. Risky, but effective). Here's another little trick. Call
black when you play Shifting Sky. Now all your creatures can't be the target
of many black creature destruction spells.

    There are probably more great ways to use Shifting Sky, but I just
haven't thought of them yet. If you think this card could be of use, try it
sometime. I know I'm gonna.

    P.S. I still don't have a great G/W/U deck idea yet, but if I do, it just
might include Shifting Sky. Who knows? It could work.