Warped Devotion

Warped Devotion is one of those black uncommons that is going to get
overlooked a lot by many people, when really it does fit into the Blue/Black
Discard deck, especially with cards like Equilibrium and Temporal Adept and
with cards like Boomerang and Unsummon returning from Classic Sixth Edition,
this card could quite possibly be one of the greatest
forces in Type II.

When you think about it, this card in a blue/black decks with Recoils,
Boomerangs, Unsummons, Repulses, Equiliberiums and Temporal Adepts could
form to make perhaps one of the best decks in type II.

It is extremely unfortunate that many people are going to over look this
card, and it isn't until someone goes into the World's Tourament and uses
this to score in the top 10 that everyone will realize that Warped Devotion
is really good!

Signed, John Hornberg

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