Cavern Harpy

    Dang, Gating is popular. Here's the Harpy:
Cavern Harpy
When Cavern Harpy comes into play, return a blue or black creature to your
Pay 1 life: Return Cavern Harpy to your hand.

    Sniff Sniff. Is that victory I smell? Cavern Harpy works well with any
deck, and especially with Ravenous Rats. But this is Single strategies, so
back to the Harpy.
Most dumby's out there think, "this is worse than that stupid shadow
nightstalker thingie in 6th edition. Whoa, I can count!" Well, It's not.
Bounce has always been very important to a Blue deck. Well, not always, but
since Waterfront Bouncers, it's grown in popularity. Return Ravenous Rats,
Molting Harpy, Meddling Mage, and other creatures needy to your hand (OK, so
the old Harpy is a piece of cardboard painted black with letters on it and
nothing else). But, again, what makes it unique?
    Well, keep returning and playing it, returning certain creatures to be
played, returned, played, returned, etc. Not many other cards can do that and
still deal damage while Blastoderm is on the table. Of course, 1 life will
soon get too risky to give away, and then, you play Crosis or Dromar for the
    What's the backside? As I said, 1 life can get risky to give away. Also,
Armageddon shreds your plans, as does Wrath of God. But, speaking as a single
card and not in a deck, 2 damage for a while isn't a party day for your
opponent. E-mail me about concerns (and jobs pojo) at