Fleetfoot Panther

You guys need help with single strategies? Well, I got one for
Fleetfooted Panther right here. So, what is it?

Fleetfooted Panther
When Fleetfooted Panther comes into play, return a green or white creature to
your hand.
You may play Fleetfooted Panther anytime you can play an instant.

    Oh, ya. Well, what's cool about it? Many things, really. It sends cards
like Venerable Monk to your hand to be played again for their cool side
effects. Also, with cards like Kavu Titan, you can play it again, except this
time, with kicker. Also, Blastoderm becomes reusable. Same goes for many
creatures with this ability of bounce, dubbed "Gating," like Cavern Harpy (a
fine choice for a B/U deck). But what makes it unique?
    Why should I use this instead of Vine Dryad? Well, because its one of the
few ways to kill and survive Chimeric Idol. It attacks, you play the panther,
block, it dies, you stay. Same strategy goes for many many creatures. A fine
choice against a Rebel deck.
    What else makes it cool? Well, you get a 3/4 creature cheap. Since
Planeshift came out with this card, Trained Armodon does go to its flavor
text's subject. Also, play it right before your opponent's Armageddon or
right after Wrath of God. Take that, U/W control!!
    Any downsides? Well, the return thing doesn't work well in Stompy, with a
million enchantments on creatures. Blastogeddon doesn't need creatures
returned, either.
    So, if you scroll up and down, the benefits are much better than the
downsides. Also, it works well with Noble Panther and Charging Troll in
blocking and attacking.
Later Pojo fans!