Dragon Charms

All these charms are good, but I'm just going to give a detailed description
of them.

Crosis's Charm-
Crosis isn't used in decks that much - his colours aren't that useful, so we
won't be seeing much of his Charm, either.  I like it though.  It can kill a
Chimeric Idol, kill any creature (Stopping a Rith from having any more
babies) or save a permanant (including creatures) from being destroyed.
Pretty good?  I like it because it kills Idols, which are in almost all
decktypes ATM.
Personally I think that due to the banishing ability of this charm, it
should be Darigaaz's.

Darigaaz's Charm-
Darigaaz is (in my opinion) the second most powerful Dragon next to Rith.
All considered, I think his Charm is one of the best too.  Return a dead
Blasty, Dragon or Wurm, after it's been Wrathed.  Kill an Idol in creature
form or any other 3-toughness creature, or pump up a creature for the kill.
I like this card because it's effective against Wraths which are used in
Blasto-geddon and Rebels.

Dromar's Charm-
Yeah! a Counterspell!  The life gain isn't that good, since life isn't all
that important in Type 2, but useful in situations.  The other ability,
-2/-2 to target creature, isn't very powerful at all.  I only like this card
because of the counter hidden in it.

Rith's Charm-
Woohoo!  More babies!!!  This is a typical Rith card.  This Charm will be
the most played, as it can be used in Fires decks, because all the other
Charms currently don't have decks to house them.  Firstly it makes babies -
a good card for a treefolk/saproling deck  and a good addition for anytime
Nemata is played.  You can also destroy Ports, Painlands, or anyother type
of non-basic land.  Good, considering that it only costs 3 mana.  It's last
ability is to prevent all damage done by a source.  Not bad, but could be

Treva's Charm-
Take down a CoP, or Story circle or any other enchantment.  Banishing, yet
again! and Cards advantage. I'd say that this Charm is probably the most
average one of them all.


The Brainaic
Andrew Lewis