Gaea's Herald

Another Planeshift card I love is Gaea's Herald.  Why?  Because if protected
by countermagic it turns all creatures into Kavu Chameleons.  Playing a 5c
deck, getting this creature out is vital.  Protected with undermine as the
countermagic, it just gets better.  At 1G for a 1/1, it doesn't seem that
good, but when you take the ability into check, it becomes great.  No more
need to have lots of countermagic for your Blastoderms!  Nomore need to
sneak out dragons while trying to dosge around the opponents foil.  The only
bad thing about this card is that it can be Wrathed away, but then the only
creature that can't is Chimeric Idol.  'Nuff said, this card, along with
Quirion Dryad, might make it into the Fires decklist.


The Brainaic
Andrew Lewis