Nemeta, Grove Guardian

I've been thinking of a combo to build a treefolk deck around, and I came up
with the following:

Gaea's Cradle.
Play Verdeloth the Ancient, with kicker (producing, for example, 2
Play another Verdeloth, with a bigger kicker this time, using gaea's cradle
(The saprolings come into play, but the Verdeloth doesn't due to the legends
Play Nemata.  By now, you should have a large amount of saprolings.  If not,
play a cheap gating creature such as Horned Kavu, gating the Verdeloth.
Play Verdeloth again.  Each time you do this, the Gaea's cradle produces
more and more mana due to the saprolings, therefore producing more and more
saprolings from the Verdeloths kicker cost.
When you have enough saprolings, then attack.  The opponent won't be able to
block all of the Saprolings.  Sacrifice all of the blocked saprolings, using
Nemata's ability, to pump up the unblocked ones for the kill!

This won't work in a tourney, as there will be lots of people running
Blasto-geddon and white control who will wrath away your saprolings.


The Brainaic
Andrew Lewis