Some of the strategy in two recent additions to the single card strategy section does not work.  In two recent postings on the card Unnatural Selection, both authors suggested that you can turn a creature into a Flagbearer in response to a spell in order to change the outcome of that spell.  This is incorrect for two reasons.

1) Changing the creature type of a creature to Flagbearer does not give it the Flagbearing ability.  In other words there will not be any targeting restriction that applies to anyone unless a 'natural' Flagbearer is in play.

2) Even if there is a 'natural' Flagbearer in play, changing creature types after a spell has been announced and targets for that spell have been chosen will not counter the spell or cause it's targets to change.

I am a moderator on one rules board an very active on another, these misconceptions on Flagbearers are quite common.  I think that it is imperative that you inform the authors of this incorrect information so they can change / correct their articles.