Tradewind Rider-Intruder Alarm-Mana Elves-Stroke of Genius combo

Tradewind Rider-4U
summon spirit
Flying TAP, Tap two creatures you control: Return target permanent to owner's hand.
Mana Elves-
llanowar elves, priest of titania & fyndron elder.
Intruder Alarm- 2U
Creatures do not untap during their controller's untap steps, whenever a creature comes into play, untap all other creatures
Stroke of Genius- X2U
target player draw X cards.
pull out the Alarm, 2 llanowar, priests, and the raider.
during your main phase tap the priests for floating mana, tap the raider and the llanowars and return 1 llanower.
use the floating mana and pull out the llanowar elf. result all creatures are untapped.
use it again and again to create unlimited mana then use stroke on your opponent for 1,000,000 cards. :)
you can use a fire ball or blaze but that would make you add red. you can use draw cards in order to come out with this cards faster. Accumulated Knowledge,Allied Strategies,Frantic Search and Opportunity are good for that.