May I point out a vastly better extension to this principle...


The Giant Maker and Killer Machine!
To start with we must:
- Play Q Dryad's
- Play Fleetfoot Panther's
OK, same as before, but remember that the panther can be played between "Stack
Damage" and "Deal Damage", therefore averting either party killing each other.
Therefore, a bit of luck
- They attack
- You block with Fleetfoot
- Play Fleetfoot 2
- Retrieve Fleetfoot
- Repeat again next turn!
And you get more and more +1/+1's on the Quiron dryad!  Now lets look at another
few cards which caught my eye while thinking about this wonder cat:
Play Angel of mercy (Add counter, gain 3 life) and proceed as follows:
Block with Angel (Angel now doomed, there tapped) -> Play Fleetfoot (Regain
Angel, Add counter) -> Play Angel in the Second Main Phase (Add counter, 3 life)
Granted that takes 8 mana a turn, but gets you +2/+2 and 3 life!  OK, so another
"gater" is needed, but you get my drift?
Other cards to look out for are basically any which bite when played, or have
haste.  Talking of which, Fires makes a good house for this combo...


Graham Martin
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