wut up ya'll
im new at pojo and when i saw that you can put up some
combos I couldnt resists.
Around here only 4 people play magic, and they all
know that I know a lot of good combos so im going to
tell ya one of them.

Ya'll know Elvish Piper right who doesn't its one of
the best.3G
G,T:Put a creature card from your
hand into play
Thats broken.
That card rules, especiallyly that its an elf i love
elfs - i love that card you dont even have to have another
card thats a combo its self, BUT theres a card from
EXODUS. Its called Survival of the Fittest. These cards
were meant to be together
Survival of the Fittest 1G
G,Choose and discard a creature
card:Search your lirary for a
creature card, reveal that card to all
players, and put it into your hand.
Shuffle your library afterwards.
MAN those are good with each other. Just pay GG discard
a creature card search your library for a creature
card and put it into play..HAHA. You have a little
creature lets say Llanowar Elves discard it search
your library for a Spiritmonger, masticore, Morphling,
Devouring Strossus, even a Avatar of Woe for all i
care all i know is that that is a good trade. lets get
on to the other one