Dralnu's Pet: rare, planeshift

mana cost: 1 colorless 2 blue


kicker: 2 colorless 1 black, discard a creature card from your hand

if you paid the kicker cost, Dralnu's pet comes with +x/+x counters, where x is the converted mana cost and has flying.   

Draco: rare, planeshift

mana cost : 16 colorless

costs 2 less for each basic land type among lands you control

9/9 flying

everyone knows the super expensive draco from planeshift, but provides a way to create a dralnu's pet 18 / 18 flying. all you got to do is to cast dralnu's pet with the kicker cost and discard the infamous draco: it will give dralnu's pet + 16 \ + 16 counters and flying. just imagine it with an armadillo cloak....

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