Hello, my name is Eliminator, and I will show you an awesome combo in type 1! Volrath's Shapeshifter + Polar Kraken + Survival of the Fittest.
First, here's Volrath's Shapeshifter:
Mana Cost: 1UU
Creature- Shapeshifter
As long as the top card in your graveyard is a creature card, ~this~ turns into a copy of that card that retains this ability and "<2>: Discard a creature card from your hand."
<2>: Discard a creature card from your hand.
P/T: 0/1
Set: Stronghold (Rare)
Next, here's Polar Kraken!
Mana Cost: 8UUU
Creature- Kraken
Cumulative Upkeep- Sacrifice a land.
~this~ comes into play tapped.
P/T: 11/11
Set: Ice Age (Rare)
Last but not least, Survival of the Fittest!
Mana Cost: 1G
G, discard a creature card from your hand: Search your library for a creature card, reveal that card, and put it in your hand.
Set: Exodus (Rare)
The way the combo works:
1. Play SotF
2. Have Polar Kraken in your hand.
3. SotF for Shapeshifter, discarding something (like a Spiketail Drake, I guess.)
4. Play shapeshifter making it a spiketail drake.
5. pay 2 to discard the polar kraken, making it an 11/11 trampler with no CIP tapped drawback.
6. Watch the fireworks!
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