Subject: Scalplexis-THE DECKING MACHINE Ari Gold-Parker
Scalplexis is, in my opinion, one of the best cards in judgment, or even in type two.  For five, you get a 1/5 flying (ok for blocking) with an amazing ability: 

"Whenever Scaplelexis deals combat damage to a player, that player removes the top four cards of his or her library from the game. If two or more of those cards have the same name, repeat this process."

It's flying, so it is hard to block, and whenever you attack people you get to remove at least 4 cards in their library from the game, usually more.  Think folks, i mean, assuming you are playing against a 1 color deck, more than one third of the deck has the same name.  Therefore, the top 4 cards have a pretty good chance of having  the same name (of the land).  If your playing against a 2 color deck, at least 12 cards have the same name (one out of every 5 cards has the same name).  Who knows, you might even catch two akromas.  If you have two or three out, they get even nastier.

I once took 28 cards off someone's deck with one attack, it went like this:  2 swamps, 2 mutilates, 3 swamps, 2 bane of the livings, 2 phages, 2 swamps (plus all the other cards which didn't have the same name).

You can probly see why i love this card so much.

                    Feel free to ask me questions about this or my other favorite cards.                 If you want, i'll e-mail the decklist that this card is in.

                                                              Ari Gold-Parker