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Blue Skies
Adam Reed
Burlington, NC
March 23, 2001

Considering this was my first tournament, I think I did pretty good.  There were about 18 or so people attending, consisting mostly of Control.  I played Blue Skies, it being the least expensive to build, also being THE best deck in T2 currently.  The tournament was single elimination
Blue Skies
4 Spiketail Hatchling
4 Rishadan Airship
4 Chimeric Idol
4 Troublesome Spirit
4 Thwart
4 Foil
4 Opt
4 Gush
4 Wash Out
3 Sky Diamond
21 Island
4 Submerge
4 Rushing River (These are now Withdraw)
4 Rising Waters
2 Disrupt
1 Sky Diamond
Round 1
I get a bye
Round 2 vs. Chris playing U/W Control
Game one goes by quickly. I get a little mana screwed but get an early Hatchling. He plays a turn 4 Ankh of Mishra, after which I draw lands.  I play an Airship and Spirit and take him to 5.  He casts Wrath of God, I Foil, he scoops.  Game 2 I play turn three Airship. He Wraths. I play Spirit. He plays Jeweled Spirit.  I attack with my Spirit, he blocks with his Spirit without giving it protection(I still can't figure out why). I play Rising Waters, followed by a Sky Diamond and Airship, and he scoops.
Round 3 vs. Ryan playing Counter Rebel
Game 1 starts off with him playing some Ramosian Sergeants, Steadfast Guards and a Lin Sivvi. I play a Hatchling, Airship, and Idol. He Dismantling Blows on my Idol. I play Spirit and bring him down to 5-ish.  He searches for Sky Marshall, I Wash Out. He scoops. Games 2 and 3 I Mulligan a few times and end up keeping 1 and 2 land hands, not drawing any more until it was too late. His Port didn't help either.  He wins.
I end up coming in 5th, getting some practice but not much else but still had fun anyway.  Now, time for Props & Slops
Props to Next Level for hosting the tournament
Props to my opponents for being such good sports
Slops to, uh, no one I guess. See ya.
Adam Reed

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