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JSS Atlanta *T4*
by Captain Simian

Headline: Ape runs wild in Atlanta!by 'Captain Simian'
JSS Atlanta, T4, 50 Participants

Well, thats not completely true. Im not going to
Orlando, at least not this time. Am I dissapointed?
No, not at all. I ended up getting to top 8 after
4-1-1 in Swiss, as 7th seed, playing the only
blue/white control deck in the tournement (who was as
well one of the people that came with me to the
tournement) and then barely missing finals. Given it
was to multiple game land flood, and against counter
rebel- my worst matchup, when built right- but thats
still no excuse. I still walked out with 2/3 of a box-
1/3 Planeshift, 1/3 Invasion (in addition to the Foil
Crusade)- so I ended the night ahead in both money and
DCI points. Some quite eventful things happened. A
magic player who used to play but quit just before
Masks is back into the fray, a welcome return. I aslo
learned that one of my favorite magic players of all
time, and an Athens vetran himself, is moving from
Atlanta to Sweeden for a lucritive cooking
contract...yeah, dont ask...

Well, I arrive on site 30 or 40 minutes early, with
my travling buddes Will (hence forth refered to as Big
Willi, running Blue/WHite control) and Paul (hence
forth refered to as Masta P, running Fires) . We have
a guy we all know, whos supposed to be bringing Willi
and me cards...he never shows. So I run Disrupt
instead of Gainsay, and only 2 L'il Missys (which
actualy turnded out to work fine). After Willi
registers his deck, he really needs a Disrupt, which
he register but knowly didnt have. In fear of being
DCd, he trades a BLAZING SPECTRE for it. Ill let you
read that again.

He trade a BLAZING SPECTRE for a DISRUPT. Human
stupidity never ceases to amaze me.

Anyway, here's the decklist I ended up playing.

4 Troublesome Spirit
4 Rishadan Airship
3 Spiketail Hatchling
3 Chimeric Idol
2 Air Elemental

4 Thwart
4 Brainstorm
3 Foil
3 Daze
3 Rising Waters
2 Washout
1 Misdirection

3 Sky Daimond
21 Island

Side Board:
4 Submerge (should have been something
more Withdraw and Boomerang)
3 Disrupt
2 Washout
2 Withdraw
2 Boomerang
1 Misdirection
1 Spiketail Hatchling

And one final note... I don't rember any names of my
opponeants names. Sorry, I wasen't able to rember my
notebook to write down their names in the scramble of
the morning, so I can only give you their dek types.

Round 1- Control Red

Well, seeing this I guess kinda shook me, as I wasen't
expecting it. I still won the match.

Game 1: He is stuck at 2 land, and I go a little land
short too, but he has few 2-3 creatures, and has to
rely on burn.

Game 2: Well, the same thing happens to me, but not to
him. A lot of my stuff gets burned when it is droped.
I also believe a stone rain on target island resolved.

Game 3: Well, the real highlight of this match is when
he Boiled TWICE, and only one was countered. Still, I
was holding 2 land and drew one more, so I recovered
and started dropping creatures. After some burn, he
drops to 4 against my Chimeric Idol and Spiketail
Hatchling. Then he Obliterates (by the way, not a card
you side in against Skies). However, he looses a lot
more land (and I have a lot quciker recovery rate). I
recover more quickly, and he's soon dead.

The Obliterate was a funny one. In a previous JSS,
with him with 7 land and me with 4, I doubble ritualed
an Obliterate (I was playing Void, expecting to see a
lot of Rebels, and I didn't) out. He bounces a thwart
off it, and I draw 2 land in the next 10 cards. Thus,
I loose. So, I guess we both know not to cast
Obliterate against each other :).


Round 2, Counter Rebels
Just to note, this deck was EVERYWHERE.
Game 1: I once again die to mana hurt. I get stuck at
2 before scooping. Im certain there was no way to win

Game 2: He has no early drops, while I have sevral. I
truck right over him, as sevral of the creatures he
can play are bounced.

Game 3: Once again, he starts a little slow. Ive got a
few fliers out beating him in the head before he can
search for a Falcon, which speed bumps an Air
Elemental. Being smacked for 7, and then 10, usualy
means 'you LOOSE!' To your opponeant.
2-0, 4-2

Round 3, R/B Zombie
 Before you assume I steemrolled this deck and
wondered how it got here, this deck was GOOD!  In
fact, it made top 4! It was also my only match loss
the entire time in the swiss.

Game 1: Well, I thinl that just the fact I was playing
blue shook him. He cast a Scuta with no kicker, but
that was cool since  I had no counters in hand. He
does win, as Chimeric Idol and Phyrexian Scuta usualy
race a lone Airship.

Game 2: In this game, I was a lot faster, getting out
some 'good beats' like a Spirit and Airship. He does
cast a Scuta with kick at one point- it is soon hit by
a boomerang. I win eventualy.

Game 3: Well, in this game, I often see that I have no
counters in hand, as sevral creatures of mine are
being blown up. Eventualy im killed by a lone Chimeric
Idol, drawing a few many land.

2-1, 5-4

Round 4, Mono White Rebels

Before the game he was saying something about 'likeing
to play Skies' or something. I think he might have
changed his mind. Also, him dropping a Paralax Wave
didn't help.

Game 1: Im not sure what I drew, but I think it was a
whole bunch of counters and a few lands and spells
mixed in there... He gets me fairly well locked.

Game 2: This time, I get a better mix. I stop quite a
few of his creatures, and win with a pair of Chimeric

Game 3: Well, after some stratigic countering, I get a
Troubblesome Spirit and Air Elemental. He trys to race
by searching, but can't. I win it by forcing through 7
for a few turns.
3-1, 7-5

Roung 5, R/U control (w/ hammers)
Game 1: He drops a Glacial Wall (aka, deadweight)
early on, and I follow a few turns later with a
Waters, then a I force through and Airship. He
attempts to Rage it- which is then Misdirection'd to

Game 2: I get quite a few eraly drops, and force many
of them through. I dont rember excatly what creatures
they were, but I eventualy win.

4-1, 9-5

Well, after post-round-5 standings are up, im in 6th,
with fairly good tie breaks. I get paired up to
someone who is 4-0-1. The judge informs us the top 2
tables (which we are at) are the only ones who can ID
and get in Top 8 gaurenteed. So, we do. I have a good
talk with the person I was going to play while thoes
poor sapps below us play.
Top 8 constis of this:

1 Blue Skies
1 Blue/White Control (piloted by Big Willi himself)
1 B/R Zombie
1 Mono-Red (god knows how much burn and Rouge Kavu?)
2 Counter Rebel
2 Fires

Quarter FInals:
In the first round, I get an auto-win almost- U/W

Game 1- He gets out a Story Circle: Blue, and I have a
lone Troubblesome Spirit. Next turn, I drop a Waters.
Some of you are now screaming 'What?!?!', but I did it
for a reason. It kept hime from
1) Being able to wrath, and
2) Winning a counter war.
After keeping him down for sevral turns, I drop a 6th
land and a Sky Daimond. Next turn, a Chimeric Idol,
next turn an Airship. He tries to wrath and save
himself- I DAZE! :). He gets nocked to 1 next turn and

Game 2- Much less entertaining. A fw creatures here, a
few there, and a counter or to and I have the game
sealed. On to the Simis, crap. GOOD
Counter Rebels.

Semi Finals:
Counter Rebels, a matchup I didnt test against enough.
Hmm, this will be the hardest of the night.

Game 1: He gets a Sargent and Sivvi out, but when he
taps out, I drop a Waters- he never sees it comming,
and really throws him off. Eventualy I get an Airship
out, but it dosent race. He deals me -9- with a Lin
Sivvi. Ah, the agaony.

Game 2: He starts off real slow, and I take advantage
of that and win with an Airship, Spirit and Elemental.

Game 3: Well, I hear its pretty bad to draw a whole
bunch of Hatchlings, espicaly against a Sky Marshall,
Falcon and Vanguard. He wins, after I deal him quite a
few points of damage. Still, it was a close match.
Anyway, am I dissapointed? A little, but I still got a
Foil Crusade and some cards, so I came out on top.

Well, now for Props and Slops:

The War Room, who hosted another great tournement.
Big Willi, ok, Will- Hey! Athens wins a tournement!
The Zombie Guy- Getting T4 with an original
deck...that was some great playing and building
Oh, a whole bunch of other people. Im just too lazy to
writte them down

No one was a good day.

As always, my E-mail is  .
If you have the urge to kill me, destroy my property
or attempt to mate with any member of my family,
please, have yourself committed to the nearest local
insane asylum. If you would like to join the religion
that worships me, simply e-mail me at Ill set you up with the
needed information you need from there.

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