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Deck Name: The machine, that, for some reason liked stomping on lands.dec
Waxahachie, Tx.
Tournament date: 3/10/01
Format: Type II
Participants: Around 12

The tourney was at a new place in town. (I think it was called "Gamer's
Paradise" or something like that...) It started at about 11:00 and I got
there with time to spare. The owner was all gratefull and thanking everyone
who came (around 12 people). The format was Type II and they were holding a
booster draft to the side (which I gratefully declined).

Here was the deck I was playing:

The machine, that, for some reason liked stomping on lands.dec
4x Seal of Fire
4x Shock
2x Hammer of Bogarden
2x Ghitu Fire
1x Urza's Rage

2x Thrashing Wumpus
3x Dark Ritual
4x Blazing Specter
4x Terminate

4x Stone Rain
4x Pillage
3x Despoil

3x Rishadan Port
10x Mountain
2x Sulfurous Springs
8x Swamp

4x Plague Spitters
2x Tsabo's Decree
4x Perish <MVP>
4x Stromgald Cabal
1x Nether Spirit

The match-ups were announced and I was ready to go!!!!

Match 1: Weird, partial ankh-skies.

Game 1:
First off, let me say this kid was about 9. And for that young, I was
surprised at how well he really did play. He seemed to know his cards. The
game gets off fast for me. After he mulligans once, he plays an Island. Dark
Rituals and very large Specter beats soon follow. Towards the end of the
first game (about 7 minutes) the kid just quits and we head on to the second

Side-In: 3x Plague Spitters
Side-Out: 1x Despoil, 1x Thrashing Wumpus and 1x Ghitu Fire

Game 2:
This game was really odd and I don't really remember it. It starts off with
Seals and he counters some stuff and them all of a sudden cast Tidal Kraken.
At first I was surprised, and then just Terminated it. He got mad. Thrashing
Wumpus beats (since turn 4) soon followed and it was over in quick order.

Match 2: Fires (seemed to be Zvi's)
Game 1:
This game was fast. After I Seal his first Elf, I start destroying his land.
Apparently Fires can't do anything without land. I get out a Specter and
found out (after he discarded) that he had about 2x Blastoderm and a couple
of Sap. Bursts. God bless LD
Specter beats follow with a Shock-ing finish

Side-In: 4x Perish, 1x Plague Spitters
Side-Out: 2x Thrashing Wumpus, 1x Despoil, 1x Stone Rain, 1x Ghitu Fire

Game 2:
This game was all him. He gets the "god" hand and kills me in under 6 turns.
LD proves to be nothing but bumps in his path.

Side-In original build

Game 3:
This game was close. It started with Seals and birds and some other various
beasts. I block and kill a Blastoderm with a Thrashing Wumpus and deal 2
damage killing alot of both our creatures. He gets out a Sap. Burst and
beats follow. After the game I found out it was Zvi's build. Oh well, can't
win them all.<Note: This kid was really good. Seemed nice and said he would
trade me some of the cards he had. Sweet!>

Match 3: Rebels:
We decide to ID into the top 8. Apparently there weren't really very many
players there.

I go in 7th seed. And go against....none other than.......


Match: 4
It was the same guy as the first time. It's a small world after all.
Game 1:
He only gets 2 land and after some Shocks, Seals (both to kill birds/elves),
and LD, he gives up. YEAH!!!!

Side-In: 4x Perish
Side-Out: 2x Ghitu Fire, 2x Hammer of Bogarden.

Game 2:
Perish rules... that simple. During the process of this game I Perished his
creatures 3 times. One time getting a Blastoderm, Saproling Bursts and
Elves. Needless to say I won. During the end game though, I had a scare
about a Jade Leech but I top-decked a Terminate and slid in for the win.
<Note: The guy said he got mana-screwed. Yeah...right.... Still, pretty cool

This is where it gets bad....
Match : 5
IT was the ID character. This game was just BAD.
Game 1:
I get NO Seals or Shocks. He gets...uhh....let's see....the whole frickin'
Rebel chain!!!!!
A well time Blazing Specter got a couple of cards. Until he frickin' used
Excise. Who, on this wonderful earth, uses Excise?

Side-In: ALL Rebel hate
Side-Out: ALL useless things
(really, I can't remeber. Sorry)

Game 2:
After a first turn Stromgald Cabal, his little "games" were put to shame and
a Thrashing Wumpus went ALL the way. Literally. I attacked with it at least
6 times using the ability the last time. HA! Take THAT Rebels....:::frickin'

Side-In: Same thing
Side-Out: Same thing

Game 3:
This was bad. I lost. Terribly. He got things. A lot of things. And I got a
Tsabo's Decree. Killed like 5 creatures, but that's useless if the guy just
draws another rebel the next turn. He go the chain again and I Shock-ed a
little and used some Seals but to no avail, I lost.

Overall: 6-4-2

Oh well, I placed 3rd overall. I got 2 booster packs and congratulations.
C'est la vie.

Props to:
All competitors save the Rebel guy.

Slops to:
My Stromgalds for not showing up in game 3 of the frickin' Quarters.

Peace yo, and good gaming

Will Mees
Team member of team;
::::;;;;Art Deco;;;;::::

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