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Bouncing Beebles
Austin C.
Richmond, Virginia
Friday Night Magic Type 2
March 9, 2001
Amount of Participants: 20

Hi, this isn't the first tournament report I have written but it is the first
I have ever finished.  I guess the bribe overcame me.  For the tournament I
used a homemade mono blue Cowardice deck.  Before I went I tried to find some
similar ones on the net to compare with but ALL the decks I could find were
splashed with white.  After comparing I must admit the white versions looked
a lot better since they had more ways to deal with their opponents' threats
than mine.  Here, take a look at one I found from The Dojo.

Cows Are Dice- Arizona States 12th Place     Bouncing Beebles
Danny Mark's Deck                                      Mine

Creatures: 9                                         Creatures: 14           
4 Metathran Transport                            4 Metathran Transport 
4 Defender en-Vec                                  4 Prodigal Sorcerer
1 Angel of Mercy                                          4 Spiketail
                                                         2 Air Elemental
Spells: 26                                             Spells: 24
4 Accumulated Knowledge                            4 Counterspell
4 Brainstorm                                       4 Brainstorm
4 Counterspell                                       3 Cowardice
4 Cowardice                                        3 Daze
3 Wrath of God                                       4 Withdraw
3 Prohibit                                           4 Foil
2 Daze                                                 2 Thwart
1 Thwart
1 Trade Routes

Lands: 25                                            Lands: 22
14 Island                                            22 Island
8 Plains
2 Kor Haven
1 Adarkar Wastes

SB:                                                SB:
4 Story Circle                                     None 
4 Disenchant
1 Misdirection
1 Millstone
1 Ivory Mask (anti-Millstone tech)
1 Light of Day
1 Order of the White Shield
1 Chill
1 Daze

What I like about the U/W one is its control.  It can clear the board with
the Wrath, shut down mono colored decks with Story Circle, Disenchant the
Fires, Idols, and other things I hate, draw cards with nine spells,
Counterspell hosers, gain three life a turn, and of course, bounce a creature
for only one mana.  What makes both decks work, however, is Cowardice.  Since
most people have to read it when I play it on them I'll show you what it
      3UU, Enchantment
Whenever a creature becomes
the target of a spell or ability,
return that creature to its owner's

As you can see all you have to do is target a creature and I feel the best
thing to do this with is Metathran Transport.  For one blue mana you make a
creature blue and if Cowardice is in play then it is returned to their hand. 
Often people forget about the Cowardice.  I have had my ship Terminated on
multiple occasions only to have it replayed on the same turn.  After testing
I realized the necessity of Wash Outs and a fourth Cowardice but I don't have
them.  Most of my cards aren't Type 2 legal.  Even with the combo out I have
still lost to Fires, and my brother's Blazing Specter and Icy Manipulator. 
Blastoderms really hurt without Wash Out and sometimes I don't have the mana
to bounce everything back. 
    The even started at about 8:00, and soon after I sat down to my first
match with a deck I hoped to break even with.

Zach -Fires with white

This match I remembered the best mostly because I actually know this guy. 
Being more than half awake helped too.  I used to see him at my friend's
parties but I had no idea he played Magic.

Game 1
I let him go first and he drops a land.  I draw and play an island.  He plays
a land and casts that new Master Decoy, I daze it.  I draw, play an island
and pass.  He puts out an elf and in response I Brainstorm but no Daze or
Foil so it comes into play.  I go and play a Spiketail.  On his turn he plays
a Blastoderm but I have the Counterspell ready.  I go and play another
Spiketail Hatchling and swing for one.  He plays another tapper and I
Counterspell that too.  I go and play a Metathran Transport and attack with
the two Hatchlings.  He goes and plays the green-white 2/2 protection from
black and I let it through.  For the next two turns I attack with the
Hatchlings and keep my mana open to use Foil and Thwart.  He basically does
nothing but I do counter some nasty red-green beast.  Next I draw Cowardice
and it's over after that.  He is able to sneak a Fires past me and hit me
with an annoying Sparkaster four times but I had enough mana at that point to
bounce everything he played and I slowing win the ship and drakes.  He shows
me his hand and I see 4 Horned Kavu, he never had a creature in play after
Cowardice long enough to cast them.  I tell him I got a very good draw so he
should not be too upset.
Game 2
He plays first and hits me early with elves and pals but I have plenty of
Withdraws and later two Prodigal Sorcerers go on to kill everything and deal
him all 20 points of damage after another long game.  I countered all of his
spells save for creatures with a toughness less than three.  He shows me his
hand and once again it is filled with gating creatures.  I am feeling pretty
well since I consider fires my hardest match up but his version didn't seem
to match those I've seen listed elsewhere.  Afterwards I trade him my only
Fires and wish him luck.

Matches: 1-0 Games: 2-0

Jay -Fires with Black and LD      

Okay, I don't know his name but I called him Jay and he didn't seem to mind. 
He was about 20 years older than me and has more out of print cards than I
do.  He is one of the regulars and is generally pretty good.  His deck
probably shouldn't be labeled as Fires but they're all the same to me.

Game 1
    He wins the toss and drops some land.  I go and drop a land and pass.  He
puts down the Familiar but I Daze.  I lose track here but I know I raced him
with two Drakes but eventually I ran out of counter and his bigger, buffer,
creatures won the day.  He must have known my deck pretty well since he
destroyed a land every time I had five out.  I didn't lose by much and I
noticed him sideboarding about eight cards.  Oh crap.  

Game 2
    He continues his policy of destroying land before I have enough to cast
an Elemental or Cowardice.  When I finally have enough he has a Cinder Shade
on the board versus my Transport.  He has a Fires in play and I'm at eight
versus his twenty.  He attacks and I refuse to block, hoping to set up the
combo next turn and not knowing what he might be holding.  I go to 2 but he
doesn't destroy my ship so that's a good sign, right?  Well I go and cast
Cowardice but I realize I'm tapped out so I can't do anything but I attack
for one just for the sake of it. 

Matches: 1-1 Games: 2-2

???? -Mercenaries
I'm going to call him Richard because he looks like one.  He couldn't be more
than about nine years old and looks like a convert from Pokémon, which means
he's a scrub, right?
He played a mono black full of…mercenaries. 

Game 1
    I get a great hand with counters, a Drake and a Ship.  He goes first and
plays a swamp and some random mercenary.  I go and drop an island.  He plays
another mercenary and hits me for one.  On my turn I play a Drake.  The game
gets pretty boring from here, he plays a creature almost every turn and
always attacks with everything.  He got upset when I countered his Cateran
Overlord, that was pretty funny.  I have to counter all that I can just to
keep up but in the end he wins with about ten creatures and twelve swamps on
the board.  I get pretty agitated but I did notice he never played any spells
but creatures and I inquire.  He has one removal spell, a Snuff Out.

Game 2
    Once again I get a great draw and get some Drakes and Ships on the board
and match him creature for creature but then he plays…Intimidation.  Now his
creatures are unblockable.  I go into topdeck mode and come up with two
consecutive Prodigal Sorcerers.  I take some damage but a few turns later his
army is in the graveyard.  I start pinging him and an Elemental shows up to
finish him off. 

Game 3
    This game was so funny.  I get some early creatures and surprisingly, he
gets mana screwed in a deck I thought was 50% land.  He draws his sole
removal spell, Snuff Out, pays the four life but doesn't expect me to have a
counter when it is the first spell he plays.  He does manage to get some land
by the time he is about half gone.  I start getting worried but then I draw
Cowardice.  I couldn't believe it; I never thought I would get the combo out.
 It's an amazing sight seeing me bounce six creatures only to have him play
ALL of them again on his next turn.  This process taps both of us out but
since his creatures aren't around long enough to attack I win soon after.

Matches: 2-1 Games: 4-3

???? -B/R/U Crypt Angel

It was almost 11:00 when we started and I was worn out since I only got about
four hours of sleep the night before.  His name could be Mike; someone's was
anyway.  He wasn't much older than the last guy and had a pretty negative
attitude but his mom was trying to hurry him up so he could leave.

Game 1
    His three-color deck is VERY slow, so slow in fact I am the only one with
a creature in play the whole day.  Sure he played some nasty stuff starting
around turn five but I never run out of counters.  Withdraws came in handy
this game, not that I had to use them but I conserved counters by returning
my creatures when he targeted them.  I win with two Drakes, a Sorcerer, both
Elemental, and a Ship in play.   

Game 2
    He has a slow start once again but I chump block his Ribbon Snakes.  I
get the Ship and Cowardice combo out and there's nothing left he can do but
he asks me not to counter his Crypt Angel so I bounce it every turn instead. 
He did get back all of his creatures with it but it's not like he could have
attacked me.  When I win I have multiples of all my creatures in play and he
offers to shake hands.  Good kid.  By this time my dad is outside waiting
(the horrors of not having a license) so I have to leave too.  My deck did
pretty well for being the only Type 2 one I have ever built but there were
some decks I wasn't looking forward to playing against like U/W Rebels and
more Fires.

Matches: 3-1 Games: 6-3

Thanks for reading this far.  I'd love to hear some feedback even if it's

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